Dream reflections

So I don’t usually get this personal at Radical Doula, but this dream felt too relevant not to share. On Friday night, in the middle of facilitating a two-day training (my day job) I had a really vivid dream that I was pregnant. So vivid in fact that it stayed with me throughout most of the day on Saturday.

Now a pregnancy dream might not seem that odd, as I am a doula, and spend quite a bit of time thinking and writing about pregnancy and birth. But put me in the position of pregnant woman? That’s just weird. In the dream I was in New York, and knew I was pregnant, but apparently not how far along. I went to a birth center there (of course, even in my dreams I’ve still got my politics) and they informed me I was about to pop. Like any day. Mind you I was not very big in this dream, just a little tummy.

So then my panicked anxious self kicks in, thinking about how my life will change if I have a baby (I’ll have to move out of my group house!) and how I really want an abortion but its too late. The other thing that flashed through my dream-mind was: I have to find a doula!

A friend today informed me that pregnancy dreams mean something big in your life is about to change. That’s a possibility, but if there is one thing I know for sure, I won’t be getting pregnant in real life anytime soon.


2 thoughts on “Dream reflections

  1. Droderi May 8, 2008 / 6:29 pm

    I’ve heard and read that pregnancy, in dreams, can symbolize a creative project. I’ve always really liked this interpretation. Also, apparently peonies in your dreams mean you might be pregaroo for real.

  2. fab May 13, 2008 / 4:13 pm

    hey there…I just had that dream also, like two weeks ago…but I was giving birth already and was hella happy for having Another baby.

    I have a three year old, and will probably not have another for a while, if ever. But I was so so happy. my step mom said something similar — that being pregnant/having a baby in a dream meant good things are happening in your life. Interpretation — birth of a new project? new creative endeavour??

    love your blog by the way!

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