Another reason why mandatory c-sections don’t make sense

Ok, so if you ignore the cheesy uplifting pop music (so you wanna change the world…), in addition to the not-so-great graphics (the entering text made my head hurt after a while) the video has a great point. Multiple births (twins, triplets, etc) shouldn’t have to be c-sections. Women can and do birth multiples naturally (even at home! unassisted! in water!) and this video just reiterates that.

What also struck me about the film is the great providers who must have been behind many of those births. Some people might accuse me of being a doctor-basher generally, but from what i know of hospitals and insurance policies, any doctor who is willing to fight for a woman’s right to deliver twins naturally rocks. Same for the midwives too.

And damn, aren’t some of those bellies huge!

via Bellies and Babies


One thought on “Another reason why mandatory c-sections don’t make sense

  1. Mia May 28, 2008 / 12:03 pm

    Ah, Miriam, this video made me smile…. very inspiring.

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