A labor day fundraiser: Bringing doula care to low-income folks

Hi everyone! I’m finally (and a bit reluctantly) back from vacation month. I hope everyone is enjoying the official end of summer this weekend.

Peggy from Open Arms Perinatal Services emailed me about a labor day fundraiser. Open Arms is a volunteer doula group based in the Seattle area that provides doula care (culturally matched!) to low-income folks. One thing that’s great about Open Arms is they pay their doulas the market rate, and the clients are able to access the services free of charge.

While we all volunteer our time, this type of volunteering without income is not accessible for all of us. I appreciate that Open Arms works to provide doula care to low income folks AND understands that not all doulas are able to work for free.

They are fundraising for exactly this–the funds to provide doula care to low-income folks–in honor of labor day.

They’re about $1400 away from their goal of raising enough to provide doula care to five pregnant folks.

Can you chip in in honor of labor day?


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