Summer of Feminista: What does a Cuban feminist look like?

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I have a guest post up at Viva La Feminista today for the Summer of Feminista series. Veronica Arreola, the awesome blog mistress over there solicited posts from latinas about their experiences with feminism.

I wrote a quick post about feminism in my Cuban-american family. Here is a quick excerpt:

The women in my Cuban-immigrant family are definitely feminist. I’m not sure how many of them would identify with the f-word themselves, but they were definitely my feminist role models. Let’s start with my mom–an immigrant herself, who came from Cuba when she was only thirteen. After divorcing my dad when I was four, she’s been a paragon of strength–raising two kids, a vibrant academic career. All on her own, all without a partner in her life. She I can pretty safely say would call herself a feminist. Her sisters though? Not as likely.

I didn’t grow up under a banner of feminism–if my mom was an activist in the 70s, it wasn’t under that banner either. But damn if the women in my family aren’t strong as hell–and that taught me feminism loud and clear, even if I never knew the word until college (or maybe high school, but then only as an insult).

Read the rest here, and if you’re Latina, think about participating!

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