New anthology for genderqueer/trans practitioners

Sinclair alerted me to this new anthology that is being compiled, meant for genderqueer/trans practitioners to talk about working with genderqueer and trans folks. How awesome is that?

The time has come. Jacoby Ballard (trans health educator, herbalist and yoga instructor) and Devynn Emory (trans health educator, healer, massage therapist) are preparing an anthology about the vast and varied approaches to trans healthcare.  This collection will include excerpts written only by gendervariant, genderqueer and trans practitioners/providers; we are often written about, but rarely get to represent our own communities, wellbeing, and healthcare. This anthology is a resource for both healthcare providers and the trans and gendervariant community that includes first hand experiences of what its like to work with the community, information to empower trans people about our own bodies, facts and tips on how to get the healthcare you need in a safe environment, and will offer insight to other practitioners about what questions arise in our work with trans and gendervariant people and how we approach or resolve such questions. Our goal is to open up the conversation of trans healthcare to include more than just the medical system, and to integrate other issues that inevitably affect our bodies and wellbeing, such as legal issues, the prison industrial complex, trauma and abuse, and more.

So they don’t mention doulas specifically, but I think it would be amazing to have some genderqueer and/or trans doulas submit something.

So go to it folks! The details are here.


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