Support At Your Cervix–it only takes seconds!

My Idea

The great documentary in the making, At Your Cervix, needs your help! They are part of a contest at and if they get enough votes they might be eligible to win 10,000 toward finishing their film. A reminder about this great project:

The documentary At Your Cervix explores the connection between the way medical and nursing students are taught pelvic exams and the reality that most women experience them as painful and disempowering. The film breaks the silence around unethical methods used by medical and nursing schools to teach students how to perform pelvic exams; the most egregious being on unconsenting, anesthetized women. The film highlights the Gynecological Teaching Associates, women who teach exams using their own bodies.

Help us start a movement to end the exploitation of vulnerable patients, to demand transparency in medical education and to improve painful exams. See our trailer:

We will use $10,000 to pay for editing costs, color correction, a sound mix, our composer and other post-production costs. This film has been an absolute labor of love and a grassroots effort to change a system that puts women’s bodies at risk, humiliates and disregards patients, and teaches students that it’s not important to get informed consent. We need funds to finish this film, get it out into the world and create change. Post production is costly and the only thing holding us up is lack of finishing funds. Please support this very important project! Vote At Your Cervix and contribute to conversations about how pelvic exams can be more respectful and comfortable.

Click on the box above to vote!


One thought on “Support At Your Cervix–it only takes seconds!

  1. Kim, DoulaMomma August 26, 2008 / 5:26 pm

    Very cool. I voted.
    Sometimes it’s really these incredibly basic things, humanly done, that can make the difference in a woman’s experience. I look forward to the film & the perspective it will bring.

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