Action: Rally to save midwifery at Miami Dade community college MONDAY



As some of you may know, the Midwifery Program at Miami-Dade Community College has been closed. This cancellation has come as a complete shock to the students who were accepted into this program, back in may. Despite adequate enrollment and apparently sufficient funding, the college has decided to unfairly close this program. The College has cited lack of funding as one of the main reasons for the program’s
closure. We think there is something else going on.

These students are ready and eager to start their program, as it was offered and promised to them! Some of them have quit their jobs and prepared to relocate to Miami, only to find shortly before classes were to begin, that the program was being closed.

Despite repeated efforts, Dr. Padron, College President, has refused to meet with the student. Please join us to help them in getting their voices heard.

The students are now planning a Rally to Save the Midwifery Program on Monday August 25th at 10:00a.m. The rally will be held at the office of the President on the MDC Wolfson Campus, 300 N.E. 2nd Ave, Suite 1401 on the fourth floor of Building #1 Miami, FL 33132.

So please….if you’ve never participated in a rally, let this be your first! We NEED you. Gather all of your people. Make signs proclaiming the importance of midwives. Please bring yourselves and your beautiful children to the rally in order that everyone see and hear how important this is issue is to us and our community!

Please contact me at 305.975.6227 or at if you need more information on this rally or the history of the cancellation of this program.

I would also love to hear from those of you who are planning to attend!

Thank you,


Downtown parking: there is a $5 lot next to building #3 on NE. 4th St, a parking deck on NE 5th St, and another deck, Building #7 at 100 NE 2nd Ave (free for students,staff and anyone coming to register for
classes!!) also nearby metered parking at Bayside. A good bet is taking Metrorail to Government Center and the the Inner Loop to the College North stop, it’s closesest to Building #1


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