Baby born on front lawn

A sweet story from Ann Arbor Michigan about a woman’s second baby born on their frontlawn by flashlight.

Barbeau helped Jennifer onto the grass and onto her hands and knees – the way she had birthed Rachel two years ago. Five pushes later, Maeve was born. Pink and perfect. “As they all adjusted to what happens, everybody was calm and pleased with their beautiful baby,” she said. “And there seems to be an appreciation of the humor of the situation.” “I took the most hilarious picture of them after the birth,” said Barbeau. “It looks like a camping trip.”

Jennifer was attended by her doula, who also happened to be a home birth midwife. They didn’t plan a homebirth and were on the way to the hospital (about to get into the car) when the baby was born on the front lawn.

Just another story for the sometimes births are just so easy they happen in cars, on couches, on front lawns files.
Cute quote to end the article:

“If I’d really planned a home birth,” she insists, “I think I would have given birth in the backyard.”


One thought on “Baby born on front lawn

  1. Molly July 31, 2008 / 8:29 pm

    The more I hear about hands-and-knees, the more I like it. A friend of mine just had her third that way, and the whole labor took only two hours and forty-five minutes—and she says there’s not a scratch or bruise on her, despite that the kid weighed a VERY respectable 9lbs, 14oz. I know it’s partly that it’s her third, but still—WOW!

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