Speaking of conferences…

This one sounds way more up my alley. It’s called Igniting Mother-Friendly Care in Your Community:

The Rocky Mountain Coalition for Humanizing Birth is excited to announce our first annual conference for all childbirth professionals and those interested in the state of Mother-Friendly Care in the Rocky Mountain region. This is a multi-state conference and all are invited to attend.

Topics for this 2 day Conference includes:

  • Understand the state of CIMS and Mother Friendly Care in our area and nation
  • Hear the latest information on VBAC research, practice and politics
  • Gain perspective on Mother Friendly Mental Health Care
  • Honor yourself and others who are trying to make maternity care safer
  • Discuss birthing rights as a fundamental human right
  • Recognize how social movements can be most effective
  • Utilize tools to create change through activism, advocacy and education
  • Be involved in creating a plan for the future, and the role of the Rocky Mountain Coalition for Humanizing Birth

Much better. I also LOVE the sponsorship levels: trust birth, my body’s not a lemon and birth rocks. The sponsoring organization, the Rocky Mountain Coalition for Humanizing Birth is also quite bad-ass.

The Rocky Mountain Coalition for Humanizing Birth (RMCHB) is an organization born out of the need to change the current pregnancy and childbirth practices that violate the rights of women and their families. All too often women are forced, coerced, and lied to in the current medical establishment and it is the goal of the RMCHB to bring these violations to the attention of the community, and community leaders in order to bring about change towards Mother-Friendly Care.

The mission of RMCHB is to bring reproductive justice to the forefront of the human rights movement, particularly as it relates to the perinatal period. RMCHB is a collaboration of activists and birth professionals; care providers and community members who recognize our ability to effect change through politics, art, advocacy, and education.

Go if you can, its September 26th and 27th in Denver, CO. It’s pretty affordable and sounds like it’s going to be awesome.

Via the CO Prison Doula Network


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