CNN Reports: Five Ways to Avoid a C-section

Great short and to the point article at CNN today about 5 ways to avoid a c-section.

Here are their five ways:

  1. Don’t get induced unless medically necessary
  2. Labor at home until you’re approximately 3 centimeters dilated
  3. Choose your hospital, and your practitioner, carefully
  4. In the delivery room, ask questions if your practitioner says you need a C-section
  5. Get a doula (my personal favorite)

Check out the piece for more explanation about why each  step helps to deter c-sections.


One thought on “CNN Reports: Five Ways to Avoid a C-section

  1. luolin September 25, 2007 / 7:57 pm

    Number 5 is especially important if the doctor recommends the c-section late in labor when you are perhaps just not in a place to have a logical discussion about it. I ended up with a c-section, and I feel like I might not have asked enough questions , but because my doula was there with me asking questions, I’m confident that if there was a way to avoid it (given the doctor and the hospital–see 3), we would have.

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