Pregnant & Poor in Mississippi

Check out this fabulous article by Susan Sharon Lerner from Salon about women’s access to abortions in Mississippi. Unfortunately for women in that state, every barrier that you can imagine has been placed on their ability to access services, we’re talking lack of providers (there is only one in the entire state), waiting periods, high costs, strigent (even bordering on harrasment-like) requirements on the clinic and provider, hostile political climate, coupled with extreme poverty and a twelve week cut-off for abortions in the state, and you have a scary set of circumstances that means a lot of women in that state will continue with unwanted pregnancies.

Lerner sums it all up better than I can: 

It’s hard to imagine someone who can’t afford a bus trip taking responsibility for a new life — especially when she doesn’t want to.

PS If you’re interested in reading more reproductive rights related news–check out my organization’s new blog, Nuestra Vida, Nuestra Voz where I’ll be writing more about reproductive justice and the Latina community.


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