The Radical Doula Guide video and transcript


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Text: THREE Reasons to support The Radical Doula Guide.

MZP: Reason number one!

Text: Everyone you know is a doula.

MZP: Okay, maybe not everyone, and not yet, but trust me, within five years, everyone and their mom is going to be a doula.

Photo: Ryan Gosling picture with words: “Hey girl I think a doula sounds like a great idea”

MZP: So what’s a doula?

Text: Doula: Person trained to provide emotional support during pregnancy and childbirth.

MZP: It’s also a really really rad way to give back to the community. I’ve been doing this for eight years and I’m really excited to see how many people have gotten into this work for political reasons, because they want to do this as a form of activism.

MZP: Reason number two!

Text: Our political situation is f&$@ed.

MZP: If you pay any attention to what’s going on these days, in congress, in the 2012 election, you’re probably banging your head against the wall every five seconds.

Photo: Doctor and legs in stirrups. Text says “I see the problem. It seems you have Republicans in your vagina.”

MZP: But here’s the good news. There is something you can do that doesn’t require a panel of white dudes in Congress.

Text: Support Doulas.

MZP: It’s really simple, to be honest. It’s really just about listening, about handholding, about affirming people’s experiences. But it has the potential to really make a huge difference for people, and in today’s world, that’s extremely extremely important.

MZP: Reason number three.

Text: This guide is seriously needed.

Image: Screenshot of

MZP: Five years ago I started because I wanted to talk about my politics and how it connected to my birth activism and my work as a doula.I wanted to talk about being pro-choice, I wanted to talk about being queer, I wanted to talk about being Latina, I wanted to talk about this work as an activist. And I wanted to talk about how all these things went together and weren’t a contradiction and made sense and we actually all part of the same value system and the same body of work.

Text: Doula trainings aren’t perfect.

MZP: Particularly for people who care about politics and bring their political perspective into their doula work. Things like race, sexuality, abortion,sexuality, class, these things just don’t have air time during doula trainings. So I decided to create the Radical Doula Guide as a resource for all of those people who are interested in becoming doulas, who have recently become doulas, basically a political primer about what it means to do doula work.

Text: So…

MZP: That’s my guide. I’m super psyched about it, I think you will be too. Basically I just need to do this fundraising campaign to get the guide finished, to get it looking badass with the help of a designer, to get it printed. I want to make sure that I can offer it at an accessible cost to everyone who wants it. So that’s where you come in. Thank you so much for supporting my campaign, you’re awesome, I appreciate you, let’s do this!

Text: Thank you! For more information: and


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