The Radical Doula Guide Supporters

Thanks to all of these people for supporting the Radical Doula Guide fundraiser:

Alexa White
Hillary Blackerby
Emily Rotella
Melissa Gira Grant
Ellen Clancy
Casey Wait
Laurel Ripple Carpenter
Alexandra Hoover
Teresa Vaughan
Heidi Cautrell
Shanelle Matthews
Alex McNeill
Dawn Philip
Katherine Elias
Cariad Eccleston
Asima Saad Maura
Deva Cats-Baril
Christine Lafferty
Shalynn van Solkema
Nicole Grafilo
Erin Schweber
Natalie Myers
Kori Krysh
Liz Kukura
Jere Martin
Abby Rosenstein
Stephanie Alvarado
Joy Messinger
Laura Duncan
Chere Suzette Bergeron
Maggie Abrego
Miriam Barnard
Hannah Emple
Larissa Crownover
Myra Duran
Laura Nixon
Jackie Turner
Ingrid Romero
Veronica Bayetti Flores
Meredith Gray
Anna Pittenger
Rebecca Beyler
Anna J. Cook
Inessa Lurye
Susie Wise
Marianne R Casbolt
Raeanne Madison
Helen Frank
Jane Feustel
Sarah Simpson
Tyrone Boucher
Bilen Berhanu
Christine Cupaiuolo
Vicki Bloom
Katie Garcia
Gwen Kiehne
Teresa fox magri
Janis Lilly
Sarah Mine
Lisa Russ
Vanessa Valenti
Kelsey Van Nice
Margie Levy
Shannon Kyler
Crysta Parkinson
Kate Van Wagner
Jesse (Dykhuis) Campbell
Valerie Wetlaufer
Andy Radmacher
Avory Faucette
Monica Basile
Martha Herbers-Sanger
Liz Donnelly
Linda Jones
angela aguilar
Marea Goodman
Joanne Gordon
Amy Zipperer
Jessica Scirbona
Courtney Martin
Rosa Perelmuter
Katherine Broadway
Sinclair Sexsmith
Shandanette Molnar
Gustavo Perez Firmat
Meghan Solano
Sara Boyd
Lauren Brannon
Jennifer Stroh
Hannah Cummins
Vincent Villano
Abbie Strout
Anna Deligio
Sarah Audelo

Thanks to these folks for reviewing the guide and providing crucial feedback:

Lauren Mitchell and Mary Mahoney of The Doula Project
Laurel Ripple Carpenter of Cuntastic and Full Spectrum Doula Network
Bianca Laureano of Latino Sexuality and The Doula Project
Marianne Bullock of the Prison Birth Project

Thanks also to Cara Paige and Tamika Middleton of Black Women Birthing Resistance (a project of the Kindred Collective) for their support.


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