What birthing women definitely DO NOT need

The due date is quickly approaching…..
Everyone is eagerly waiting to see the new addition to the family. The pictures that are taken will be in the albums forever…..
but wait, who is that unrecognizable monster in a hospital gown?

Finally there is A Dressed Up Delivery!

We at Pretty Pushers believe that you deserve to look your best when you work your hardest. The enclosed five items are sure to keep you feeling fabulous until the job is done!

I’m sure you’re dying to know what these five magical items are. 1) Pink lip gloss and a mirror 2) A “delivery dress” 3) A headband 4) A lemon-water towelette 5) Heated massage oil

As a doula who has accompanied women during childbirth I can tell you that the only useful thing in the kit is the massage oil and maybe the headband. Massage can be great for pain mediation during labor, and if your hair is long you might want it out of your face. Oh, and the mirror could come in handy, because some women like to see what they are doing as they push.

Perpetuating screwed up ideas about women’s beauty is already infuriating enough, but now we need to mix it in with childbirth. If you’ve ever actually been with a woman after she’s given birth, I’d say she looks pretty damn beautiful, sweat and all.

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