In search of: Doulas working with incarcerated pregnant women

I met Monique at a writer’s workshop a few years ago, and we recently re-connected because of her new work in film. She and her partner have a great passion for documenting the work of doulas, and are focusing on the awesome work being done to support incarcerated pregnant folks. See their call for interviews below.
We are Brooklyn, New York–based independent producers developing two film projects about doulas who have dedicated themselves to working with pregnant incarcerated people. We are seeking to meet women who would like to share their stories and experience in order to raise awareness on the issues these people—both the doulas and the women they seek to serve and advocate for—face on a daily basis. If you are a part of a group starting or maintaining a prison doula program in your state, we would very much like to hear from you.

We look forward to meeting you. Please contact:

Kindly, Laura Sweeney & Monique Peterson

New film: The other side of the glass

Interesting new film about the effect of childbirth practices on newborn babies. It’s pretty extreme stuff, but I think there is a lot of truth to it. We need to question the way babies are treated right after birth. It makes sense that those first few moments are really important, and the panic mode of a hospital birthing room right after the birth is not calming or peaceful. The baby is also poked, prodded, gooped up and jostled immediately after birth. I love that midwives but the baby directly on the breast immediately after the birth. This seems to crucial to me for bonding.

I do wish they had featured some partners who weren’t men in the film, but it’s not surprising they didn’t. Sigh.

Via DoulaMomma