Radical Doula Profiles: Lindsey Fisher

This is a series highlighting folks who identify as Radical Doulas. Are you interested in being part of the series? Go here to provide your responses to the profile questions and I’ll include you!

About Lindsey: Wife, mother of 3, & doula and ridiculously passionate about helping women find there inherent power that they were born with. Practicing in Joplin, MO.

What inspired you to become a doula?
After I had my first child, I fell in love with the process of pregnancy, and labor/delivery. Thankfully I was fortunate to experience birth in a different light as I had my second at home with a midwife that let me have choices and I thought I cannot believe I had my first child without being able to make any of these choices for myself. I hear stories of women everyday on forums and such about how they have been mistreated misguided and misunderstood by their providers and it angers me as a woman and I feel that as a doula I can help a woman by encouraging her to find her voice.

Why do you identify with the term radical doula?
I believe choices over one’s body is a right for everybody. I believe that just because you may be on Medicaid or other low-income scales that you still have a choice for your body and for the care that you receive. I feel like low-income women or impoverished women are still in fact women that need educated on the birth process, their choices, and their options and just because they may not be able to afford regular Doula services does not mean they don’t deserve Doula services.

What is your favorite thing about being a doula?
Making women aware of their power.


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