Radical Doula Profiles: Emily Mozingo

This is a series highlighting folks who identify as Radical Doulas. Are you interested in being part of the series? Go here to provide your responses to the profile questions and I’ll include you!

About Emily: I am a wife and mother offering full spectrum doula and lactation support in Central Virginia. I work with families in all walks of life and fully support any decisions my clients make in pregnancy and after. I am currently working towards certifications in birth doula support and childbirth education. I hold a certificate in lactation education-counseling from University of California San Diego Extension and am also working towards the education and experience needed to sit for the IBCLC exam. Facebook page, littlelovebirthservices@gmail.com.

What inspired you to become a doula?
My love for information and autonomy led me to pursue birth doula certification. In pregnancy I craved knowledge of all things childbirth and decided I wanted to help women feel empowered in their own pregnancies and births, no matter the outcome.

Why do you identify with the term radical doula?
I feel I identify as a radical doula because of the belief that all people require autonomy over their bodies. Support is needed, in today’s world driven by fear, politics, and emotion to help people maintain ownership over their bodies and reproductive decisions.

What is your doula philosophy and how does it fit into your broader political beliefs?
My philosophy is that all pregnant people should feel educated and supported when it comes to if/when/how they give birth. Pregnant people need to know all the options available to them and should receive the least biased information possible, free of judgement for their decisions. My belief is that my political feelings do not belong in a client’s pregnancy and birth space and it is not my place to judge their beliefs.

What is your favorite thing about being a doula?
My favorite thing about being a doula is helping a client feel like they have control over what happens in their reproductive experience.

If you could change one thing about the experience of pregnancy and birth, what would it be?
If I could change one thing about the pregnancy and birth experience it would be that all pregnant people would be fully educated and fully supported in all options.


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