A Little Year End Love Letter

Scrabble tiles spelling out "love"
Samantha Celera/Flickr

Hi dearest Radical Doula fans,

I know, I know. Posts on this blog have gotten rare these days, especially if they aren’t Radical Doula Profiles. It’s just the nature of my life and how blogging has evolved, I think. I hope you don’t take my lack of writing as a sign that I don’t care, or have forgotten about my little labor of love (now almost 9 years old!). Radical Doula is still my home, still represents the intersection of all of the issues I care about most. But when I write, these days, it’s for other outlets that require a more journalistic approach, and also allow me to explore topics outside of the niche of this site. You can find most of my writing over at Colorlines, and sometimes other places. The best way to keep up with that is to join my email list, where I send almost-monthly notes with links to my writing. I also post to the Radical Doula Facebook page pretty often, so that’s another good way to stay in touch.

But this site continues, as a blog and a resource. I have plans to do a design refresh to make RD more reader friendly in 2016.  I’m hoping to get some feedback from all of you on what you might like to see, so stay tuned for a very exciting survey! The Radical Doula Guide continues to sell well, and even three years later I still love putting each one in the mail to all of you. So far I’ve sold over 2000 copies, and often get lovely emails about how the guide has helped you with your doula journey. Thank you!

Meanwhile I’ve kept up with the doula trainings and volunteer programs lists–thanks to everyone who helps me keep them current! If you have information to share about either, just fill out one of these two forms (doula trainings and volunteer programs) and I’ll consider adding them to the site.

I have a bunch of great Radical Doula Profiles coming next year as well. I hope you enjoy those as much as I do! I love seeing what kind of doulas are in the world and why it is they consider themselves to be “radical.” I also hear anecdotally that these profiles help bring potential clients to doulas. If you are interested in being part of the series, just fill out this form and I’ll get you in.

It’s been a tough year in so many ways. I put together a round-up of 15 women of color who did amazing things this year for Colorlines. Writing it provided me with a lot of hope and optimism about the state of the world–perhaps reading it will offer you the same.

Thanks, as always, for your amazing kick-ass radical doula work, for supporting me and this little blog of mine, and for making the world a more just place. You rock.

Abrazos and happy new year!


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