A few dollars can help folks in MA get the services they need

Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund Triathlon logo, slogan

Tonight is one event in a season of incredible grassroots fundraising around the country on behalf of abortion funds who raise money to help folks pay for the procedures they need when their health care won’t cover it. Just like doula care is about unconditional and nonjudgemental support for pregnant and parenting people, the work of abortion funds is also that.

Supporting abortion funds is a really easy way to directly impact one persons ability to make decisions about their life and their pregnancy. Most of these funds are volunteer run, which means the majority of every $1 donated goes directly into the hands of someone in need of a procedure. It’s a direct response to the class inequality inherent in our medical system. No one should have to carry a pregnancy to term simply because they cannot afford an abortion.

While there are many great groups fundraising, and I suggest checking out your local one, I’m making a pitch on behalf of the group in Eastern Massachusetts. Tonight is their annual fundraiser which brings in a huge amount of the money they use each year to help folks in the area get the medical care they need and cannot afford. But understandably because of what has transpired this past week in Boston, when they would have been doing a major push in their fundraising, they are still $14,000 away from reaching their fundraising goal.

Do you have a few dollars to support this amazing group of volunteers?

I’m actually headed to Boston right now to be at the event as an honored guest, so it’s important to me to share the love with them. I’ll be presenting brief remarks, and honored to be able to bring doula work into that space.

If you’re in the area, come out! It should be a good time.

If you’re not able to attend, consider donating even a few dollars to support their work and help them meet their goal. Thanks!


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