Prison Birth Project Fall Fundraising Celebration

Celebration logo with leaf

The Prison Birth Project is a fabulous full spectrum doula group that provides support to incarcerated women who are pregnant and parenting in a Western Mass prison. If you don’t already know about their work, get to know it.

They are also a non-profit org and fundraise to pay their coordinators and keep the group running. So they need your support!

If you are in the Western Mass area, you have no excuse not to attend their event. If you’re not, consider donating!

Working within a system as messed up as our criminal justice system is no easy task for an activist, but it’s also essential to support the increasing numbers of pregnant and parenting folks on the inside.

Show them some love!


One thought on “Prison Birth Project Fall Fundraising Celebration

  1. Erika Arthur October 18, 2012 / 7:15 am

    Thanks for sending people our way, Miriam! You rock.

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