Soy Poderosa!

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This year I once again have the pleasure of working with the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health on their annual Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice.

They are an organization close to my heart–it’s the first place I worked when I graduated from college, and I’ve stuck around in one capacity or another ever since.

For this year’s Week of Action, the theme is Soy Poderosa (I am powerful). It’s about claiming power and space for the Latina community–about elevating the ways in which we are already working to shape our lives and our futures.

Why am I a Poderosa?

Because I believe in the power of my community. Because I know that even with few resources and little institutional power we are doing incredible things to secure our right to livelihood.

I’m powerful because I choose to have a voice, I choose to put my ideas and thoughts out into the world.

I’m powerful because I know that the arc of history bends toward justice, and that while my community has suffered greatly, we have also persevered, survived and even thrived.

Want to join the Week of Action? Check out these ways to get involved.


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