The California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide

I’ve written before about the problem with teen pregnancy programming that relies on stigma.

Cover of new guide called "California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide"

Well here is an amazing alternative that shows what a true educational tool that provides resources looks like, the California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide.

Awesome! The guide is online and available in downloadable form. It’s in Spanish and English. It talks about options for pregnant teens (like abortion and adoption) without any of the scary shaming stuff about how if you choose to have a child it will end up in prison because you are a teen. It talks about resources, insurance programs, how crisis pregnancy centers are anti-choice. It talks about immigration! It’s written at a level teens can understand. It talks about legal rights for teens and parents, issues with custody, tips for parenting. There are cartoons!

Okay, obviously I’m super psyched about this. Cause I am. This is what all teens need. Keep your stigma, and provide resources instead.

The only criticism I can provide is that they don’t talk about birth options in terms of doulas or midwives. But otherwise? Incredible.

You can view the guide and download it here.


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