Update: Mississippi Personhood initiative fails

Update: It failed! Big victory for health and autonomy. Also proof that even those with more moderate or conservative politics are skeptical of such far reaching legislation. The fight is far from over though, as these efforts are bound to continue.

It’s a scary time for women’s health and autonomy. The political movement to limit access to abortion, as well as pregnant people’s rights to make decisions about their bodies and medical choices, is stronger than ever.

In the absence of any strategies to address the actual problems plaguing our economy (unemployment, for example) the ultra right wing in control of many of our state governments (and the House of Reps too) have decided to focus instead on debilitating budget cuts and bills that damage women and pregnant people’s health and human rights.

As I’ve said over and over on this blog–bills that limit access to abortion also limit the choices of pregnant people who want to parent. NAPW has a video explaining exactly what is at stake with Prop 26:

Irin Carmon, reporting for Salon, wrote about how this initiative would limit access to even birth control. These efforts are serious, and want to turn back the clock on reproductive health almost fifty years. All of these extreme efforts are poised to take judicial challenges all the way to the Supreme Court.

The vote on the initiative could go either way, which is even more frightening. Polling shows voters split evenly.

If you’re in Mississippi, please make it out to the polls tomorrow and vote NO on 26. This is serious.


2 thoughts on “Update: Mississippi Personhood initiative fails

  1. Lynda M O November 7, 2011 / 5:05 pm

    This affects every woman in the country-states will get it passed and other will try to follow. We must get religion out of government.

  2. Leyla November 21, 2011 / 9:34 am

    I knew something this crazy couldn’t pass. Although, I knew about what happened to Angela Carter from a Bioethics class and did not know there were more cases that were just as scary. These stories are heartbreaking and remind us why all of us have to care about reproductive rights and especially abortion. We never know when we might be in any of those situations…

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