Help a radical doula with her dissertation research

An awesome doula and activist who I had the pleasure of meeting last year, Monica Brasile, is working on her doctoral research about the doula community. She’s looking for folks to take 20 minutes to fill out her survey.

I hope you will participate in my study about doulas. I am a practicing childbirth educator and doula, midwifery activist, and graduate student in the department of Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Iowa.

I am currently doing research for my doctoral dissertation about the role of doulas in the culture of the childbirth and reproductive justice movements in the U.S. I invite you to take my survey to help bring attention to the exciting work that doulas are involved in! All doulas are invited to participate.

I am particularly interested in the work of those who identify as radical or full spectrum doulas, and those doing community-based or volunteer work.

Link to survey here!

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