In search of: Doula of color in the Twin Cities, MN

See the request below and contact them directly if you are a good fit.

We are in search of a DONA-certified Doula in the Twin Cities, MN who is familiar with/ connected to indigenous birthing and parenting knowledge/ practices from throughout Africa (preferably West Africa) OR South Asia (preferably South India). My partner is English-speaking but grew up throughout the African continent. He would benefit from working with someone who understands his concerns and the disconnects between between (West) African and U.S. conceptualizations of perinatal health and wellness for both mothers and babies. I am South Indian but, having grown up in the U.S., am more accustomed to translating/ negotiating between the two worldviews. At a minimum, we would like to work with a woman of color or indigenous woman who honors the knowledge/ practice of traditional birthing attendants. We are due in late August and are currently planning a hospital birth (water labor and water birth if the hospital completes its setup in time) with a midwife.

Please contact me at with details about your background/ availability/ expectations/ etc. Thanks!


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