In search of: Spanish speaking doula in Chicago

I got a request for a doula in Chicago via email recently. I often get these emails from folks looking for a doula with particular politics/background/values and hope to help them find the right doula. Here is the info:

My boyfriend and I are searching for an experienced, Spanish speaking doula in the Chicago area to prepare for the birth of our new baby boy – due April 7th.  We really would like to work with an Latina doula but a doula who is fluent in Spanish is fine also.  Ideally, I would like someone to help me try to have this baby without drugs and without tearing, which are my biggest fears.  While my boyfriend and I are fluent in both English and Spanish, my mother, who is a Spanish speaker will be in the delivery room and she is a nervous nelly, the doula would almost be as much for her as for me.  So if you are an experienced Latina or Spanish speaking doula in Chicago, or have the contact information of one, please email me at Thx!

Contact her directly.


One thought on “In search of: Spanish speaking doula in Chicago

  1. Linda January 18, 2011 / 11:36 am

    Here is premiere childbearing year resource in the Chicago area:
    Please tell the founder Joanne Lindberg that I , Linda Crownover-Inch, provided the link.

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