Hello election day.

It feels like all I can think about, but that’s probably unique to my particular community of politically-minded folks. And the excessive number of facebook posts and tweets about voting.

Make sure you vote today (if you can). It’s exceedingly important.

I unfortunately am registered to vote in Washington DC, where the elections are decided during the primary (98% Democratic or something) and we don’t get real representation in Congress. Love you Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, but you don’t even get a vote. (Side note: Yes to DC statehood!)

This will be remedied shortly, as I’ve moved back to an actual state with legit representation in Congress.

But all this to say, you should vote today!

The recent debacle in NY State with home birth midwives and their ability to practice is evidence enough that politicians matter a lot when it comes to our issues, even birth ones. If it wasn’t for the NY State legislators voting to change the Written Practice Agreement rules, home birth midwives wouldn’t be practicing in NY State right now.

Also, remember when jerk-wad Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the anti-shackling bill?

And thanks to everyone who already voted.


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