DONA Doulas of Color Trainer fellowship program

There has been a lot of discussion on this site about trainings, certification and the various organizations that provide them.

What folks often remind me though, is that the best way to change the trainings is to run them yourself! In that spirit, Tara sent me this info about the 2010 DONA Doulas of Color trainer workshop fellowship program.

I’m also glad to see that DONA is working on improving their lack of diversity, which is a serious issue.

Basically, if you’re accepted, you get a free DONA doula trainer workshop being offered this August in New Mexico, as well as attendance at the DONA conference.

The DONA International Doulas of Color Trainer Workshop Fellowship Program is an initiative to identify women of color in the United States who would train to become DONA International approved birth or postpartum doula trainers. This Program seeks to increase DONA International’s trainer diversity so that workshops in the United States are facilitated in the most culturally appropriate manner. Additionally, this Program seeks to support individuals wishing to create labor and postpartum support programs within their own communities.

The requirements are intense (as is typical of DONA) but it might be perfect for some radical doula out there who wants to get trained and shake things up from the inside.

Info available in this PDF.


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