What organizations work with feminist mothers?

I often get questions from readers via email, and figured that some of you might have the same questions. So I’m going to share them here if I think they might be useful.

A question from a soon to be mom last week:

Can [you] point me in the directions of any organizations that work with feminist mothers? Most of my activist work has been with victim/survivor rights of sexual assault, and now that I’m going to be a mother I am interested in working with other feminist mothers on important issues. If you have any advice I’d really appreciate it!

My answer:

Two that came to mind were the Big Push for Midwives and Moms Rising. The Big Push is national, and great if you are interested in midwifery advocacy. They are pushing legislation around the country to increase access to Certified Professional Midwives, who focus on out of hospital birth. They are working with coalitions around the country. http://www.thebigpushformidwives.org/

The other that came to mind was Moms Rising. I don’t know if they identify specifically as “feminist” but they seem to do cool work on a slew of mom-related things (like toxic toy campaigns for example). They are also national. http://www.momsrising.org/

Lovely Radical Doula readers, do you have any additions? Leave them in comments! And feel free to include orgs that work with parents more generally, and not just moms.


3 thoughts on “What organizations work with feminist mothers?

  1. Susan Jenkins April 4, 2010 / 7:21 pm

    Thanks for mentioning us, Miriam! The Big Push is always really happy to see new members, especially strong activists with experience. The Big Push works through state and local groups so, if you are interested in working to make midwives legal again (certified professional midwives practice legally and are licensed in only 27 states), email me at susan@thebigpushformidwives.org, and I will put you in touch with a Friends of Midwives group in your state. Some of us consider ourselves feminists (me! me! ME!) and some don’t, but we are all working for a woman’s right to choose where, how, and with whom she will give birth. We also join forces with groups like the National Advocates for Pregnant Women to work for the rights of women to informed consent and informed refusal, and with groups like the Coalition to Improve Maternity Services to improve the quality of maternal health care, which is abysmal in some hospitals.

  2. MomTFH April 14, 2010 / 8:10 am

    I am also a fan of NAPW, the NAtional Advocates for Pregnant Women. They do advocacy work in the arena of the policing of women’s bodies and loss of rights during pregnancy.

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