Happy 3rd Birthday Radical Doula: Fun facts

Happy birthday multi-colored candlesToday is the 3rd birthday of Radical Doula.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years already. I’ll be doing a few things today in honor of the bday, but let’s start it off some fun facts about Radical Doula:

I’ve written 314 posts, with 585 comments from all of you! This post got the most comments, this one got the most hits.

My highest trafficked month was January 2010.

My busiest day was Wednesday March 5, 2008, after I posted this piece responding to a doula bashing article in the NY Times.

Radical Doula has 227 fans on Facebook, and 103 followers on Twitter.

Some favorite posts, by year:


January 22: How about we call it blog for justice day

February 4: California pregnancy-related deaths triple in the last decade


February 19: Some thoughts on tokenism

March 5: Lost in Translation


April 16: Some thoughts on gender and pregnancy

August 14: One main cause of health disparities: Racism


April 17: Pleasure & Pain

July 30: Sterilization: Abuse vs Access

August 2: Kick-Ass radical doulas, 3rd ed: A collective post

Other posts I wanted to highlight:

Hardest post to write: On why I blog, criticism and activism

Silliest post: Radical Doula body graffiti

Most sex-related google traffic: Fresh Focus sex ed digital video contest (Seriously, I get at least 50 hits a day on this one, and the folks looking for porn even click on the contest link!)


One thought on “Happy 3rd Birthday Radical Doula: Fun facts

  1. kommishoner February 26, 2010 / 3:49 pm

    Just a quick note to say that while I didn’t know about your blog back then, March 5 2008, your site’s busiest day, is the day my son was born – in a fantastic, doula-assisted hospital birth. My doula made all the difference, and I’m so glad she was there. Thanks for your work advocating for doulas, and for reproductive justice.

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