Midwives banned from California hospital

Jos at Feministing has the full story, but it deserves mention here as well.

Basically, midwives who were practicing at St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital received a letter in the mail telling them they could no longer deliver there, and instead had to deliver at a facility 11 miles away. The reason cited was the lack of NICU at the Valley Hospital.  More details here.

It’s such a shame that the few midwives that do practice in the US (and put up with the challenges of being in a hospital run by OB-GYNs) have to deal with crap like this.

Also,a related side note/rant. On Jos’ post at Feministing, all the comments decided to attack my assertion that the increased rate of maternal mortality in California might just have something to do with the double in the number of c-sections.

It amazes me that even the readers of a feminist website would go to such lengths to defend c-sections. I’m not anti c-section. But 30% and rising is way too much. Also, apparently, only “self-serving doulas” think that elective, non-emergency c-sections are not the best way to give birth.

If you’re feeling feisty, head over to the post and join in the comment conversation.


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