In search of: Volunteer doula programs in New Jersey


A fellow doula emailed to inquire about volunteer doula programs in New Jersey–she’s particularly interested in Northern New Jersey.

She’s interested in getting one together if there isn’t one already. If you know of any, leave them info in comments or email me.

The complete list of volunteer doula programs is here, and feel free to send info about any other programs I don’t have listed.


One thought on “In search of: Volunteer doula programs in New Jersey

  1. jill Wodnick, HPC Community Doula September 9, 2010 / 6:31 pm

    We would LOVE some doulas to volunteer in Hudson County through while we do a fellowship to cover a comprehensive doula training, we have literally hundreds of expectant women in Hudson County who get prenatal care at a federally funded health clinic or are income eligible for the WIC program and would not have resources for a private doula.
    Because we work intimately with other public health partners and community agencies, any doula would need to have an overview of public health services and resources…but we would welcome experienced doulas to assist in mentoring new doulas in our fellowship or jumpin in to serve a client with dignity and respect!

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