Volunteer Program Spotlight: The Doula Project (NYC)

I’ve written about The Doula Project before. They used to use the name, The Abortion Doula Project, and Mary Mahoney, one of the founders, was featured in a Radical Doula Profile.

I wanted to highlight their project again because it’s awesome, but also because they just launched a new and expanded website.

I’m proud to say I was a founding member of the Doula Project. While things really got started after I had stopped working directly with the other two founders (due to a move away from NYC) I’m so proud to be connected to them, even in a small way. Their work truly is amazing and has grown so much since those initial conversations.

After one year, we have served over 500 women in the NYC area. In 2010, we will expand our service to at least 2 more NYC clinics to serve women having abortions or experiencing fetal loss, at least 1 hospital/organization to serve women giving birth, and support and train at least 2 affiliate organizations in the U.S.

Their tagline, “supporting people across the spectrum of pregnancy,” really says it all. What is so radical about their work is that they take the concept of a doula to it’s logical end–supporting folks throughout all their reproductive choices: birth, abortion and adoption.

Check out their website here. Congrats Doula Project!


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