Radical Doula on the road

Over the next few weeks I’m doing quite a bit of speaking. In case you happen to be in the neighborhood, you should check out these upcoming events:

Wednesday March 25, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

This is What a Feminist Looks Like: Genderqueer perspectives from the feminist movement
Wednesday March 25, UNC-Chapel Hill. 12:30pm Presentation as part of the f-word, a week long dialogue about the future of feminism.

Saturday March 28, Boston, Massachusetts

In/Out of Focus, Broadening a Feminist Lens: Gender, Non-Conformity and the Media
Saturday, March 28 – 11:00AM to 12:30PM
Kate Bovitch, Miriam Zoila Perez, Jack Aponte, Julia Serano
Part of the Women, Action and Media Conference.

Saturday April 4, Hampshire College, Massachusetts

Two panels as part of the CLPP Reproductive Rights Conference

Saturday 3:15-4:45pm
Analysis of the 2008 Election
(Kenyon Farrow, Miriam Perez)

Saturday 5:15-6:45pm
Politics of Family Creation
(Miriam Yeung*, Miriam Perez, Mia Mingus, Colleen Thompson)

Thursday April 9, Old Dominion University, Norfolk Virginia


Hope to see some of you at these events!


One thought on “Radical Doula on the road

  1. Jo March 27, 2009 / 1:03 am

    I’ll be at both WAM and CLPP! I’m really looking forward to your panel w/ Kate, Jack, and Julia.

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