In search of: Birth Support in Tacoma WA

This request is different than ones I’ve posted before, but in the spirit of helping all parents find what they need for their unique birthing situations, check out what Anna is looking for in the Tacoma, WA area:

I am a mom of 3 who has given birth naturally each time I am expecting our 4th.  1st time was in the hospital with a midwife.  2nd with a home birth midwife and her doing my care and the last time was an unassisted pregnancy and birth. We had a couple of very knowledgable people with us who were willing to simply be there IF we needed them and otherwise not.

We would love to have the same again.  ( perhaps some one who is a lay midwife or who has gone most of hte way through midwifery school, but did not complete for license or some one who no longer practices with a license?  Also a very knowledgable doula who mostly does natural births.)

In all cases I am looking for some one who will not interfere at all unless asked to. I want my husband to be my primary labor support.  We know what we are doing, mostly need some one there in case things get long and he needs a break and in order to support HIM.  It would also be good to have help with the other children.  ( we have one who is 12 on baby’s due date, one who will be 9 and one who is 3.  )

I have had uncomplicated births except for the cord around the neck the first 2 times.  The only other issues had at a birth came from interventions at the hospital. ( not drugs or surgery but ultra sound, not being able to choose my position and so on)  We have had a waterbirth the last 2 times and plan to have that available as an option again.

We live in Tacoma WA.  My husband has been my primary support the first 3 times, but would like him even more involved this time.  He has been through 3 childbirth classes and knows enough to teach one himself.  I am certified as a childbirth instructor too, but am not in practice.  ( I practice real estate now)  I have attended many births as well as my own.

We would love to find a knowledgeable person who could be there if and when we felt the need and who would not be offended if we did not.  I do not need prenatal care since I can do my own.  I would like some one to talk to as the need arose.  ( more than anything to help me with resources or just to talk things through as needed.  I would like to have some one who will not be interventive and who will be there for support).

If you think you could be a good fit, or know someone who might be, email her at a_matsunagaAThotmailDOTcom.

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