Sometimes listening ain’t easy

There has been a lot of controversy lately in the feminist blog world. I haven’t commented on any of it (with the exception of one collective post) and this is mainly because I’ve been doing a lot of listening.

I realized in March that I had missed the first birthday of Radical Doula. I only entered into the blog world in February 2007, and really spent most of my first year blogging mostly writing and reading only a few other blogs. It’s been a pretty incredible year, to say the least. I feel grateful to everyone who has respected my thoughts and opinions, and given me larger platforms for my words.

A few recent developments pulled me out of my blogging bubble, so to speak. I began writing for Feministing, which brings with it a whole new level of visibility and participation in the wider blog world. I also attended the Women, Action and Media (WAM) Conference last month, where I met a lot of the faces of the blog world, and it motivated me to expand my regular reading list.

I’m not going to rehash any of what has happened here. Many other already have, and you can look at the links in the first sentence of this post for an entry into some of what has transpired.

So these last few weeks I’ve been listening, and reading, and processing, and learning. I don’t know a lot about the history of these conflicts and it all feels very personal as well. I’m Latina, I write for a big Feminist blog, I know a lot of the individuals who are involved in the controversy. I have my own thoughts and opinions about race and appropriation, but lately I’ve just wanted to hear what’s being said by all parties.

My point in writing this is to let all of you who know and care that I am paying attention. I realize that some not so great things have happened and as difficult as it is at times (why can’t we all just get along?!?) these conversations are necessary, important and probably overdue. I’m not going to chime in with my opinions, because as one friendly blogger pointed out, no one is asking. But rest assured, I’m listening.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes listening ain’t easy

  1. abookwithoutacover April 27, 2008 / 10:02 am

    I think if we can all start listening more that is a great start.

    I hope to see you again soon. I for one think you’re opinions are important and worth hearing.



  2. duskydi April 27, 2008 / 12:48 pm


    I’m actually freeking out a bit here as I see you have my ‘Outta Blog world and Outta my Head’ post on this related topics bit.

    ARGH!! I’m so sorry you have this ridicilious post on your blog. I’m no writer if you’ve read the post you will have gathered that no doubt, I’m just on some big mad emotional journey and got to a point in my life where I was getting told I was writing my life away and not living.

    I can’t write with big words or intellegently, I speak from my heart, and write just as it comes – a bit risky really especially when your sharing it with the world.

    Any way nice to meet you, I’m Diane and thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions here. I wrote a post on listening last year sometime. i will for sure be reading some of the posts that I have seen that have caught my ete.

    Thank you and so sorry again for my silly rambelings


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