Playing the c-section guessing game

A new British study is out that correlates cervix length with likelihood of cesarean section.

Researchers in Britain say their study of more than 27,000 pregnancies found that women with the longest cervixes were more likely to need surgery to deliver their child.

Probably not a surprise, but I’m not a big fan of research like this. Number one, I don’t understand why having a long cervix might mean you couldn’t deliver vaginally. Number two, we need LESS c-sections, not more. In the US we already have a c-section rate surpassing 1 in 3, and the World Health Organization recommends 1 in 10. Number 3, is this kind of research going to give doctors another reason not to even allow women to try and deliver vaginally? I can just see it, sorry ma’am, your cervix is too long, we should just schedule a c-section because you’re probably going to need it anyway. What happened to correlation is not causation?

Lastly, read this piece from Bitch Magazine for more on way scientific studies are not always great science, or great journalism.

via Doulicia


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