Mile-High doulas

I was on a Frontier Airlines flight to Denver yesterday, and out of boredom I started flipping through the onboard magazine, GO Wild. To my great surprise there was a short piece under their “Thrive!” section entitled: Resolve Isn’t A Swear Word: These remedies are just what the doctor, the doula and the debutante ordered. Are doulas reaching the mainstream? The remedy they mention in the piece is Erbaviva’s Organic Quease-Ease Lip Balm, something originally created to help women with morning sickness. Not so doula relevant. So maybe they just picked doula cause it went with the alliteration, but still! The more visibility the better, I’d say.


One thought on “Mile-High doulas

  1. A Portland Doula March 4, 2008 / 9:08 pm

    I can totally see that being doula-relevant, as a low-key remedy for morning sickness and nausea during labor .. I mean, I’ve never heard of the stuff or recommended it, but I think the relationship is stronger than alliteration. 🙂
    I do so love your blog, by the way. Thanks for being so awesome.

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