Cool event in Boulder, CO: Fertile Grounds

Check out this awesome event happening in Boulder on February 1st:

Fertile Grounds
an evening of performance and discussion about reproduction
Friday, February 1st at 7:30 pm
Naropa University’s Performing Arts Center
2130 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, Colorado


Part of this event will include performances of stories about reproduction.  We are looking for performers interested in performing thier own stories and/or the stories of others.  This could be in the form of poetry, spoken word, dance, music, monologue, dialogue, etc. We hope to highlight stories that aren’t often heard, such as the reproductive experiences of:
*Immigrants, Teens, People of color, Single parents, Incarcerated women, Women ending their pregnancies, GLBTQ members, Individuals facing mental health issues or drug addictions, Individuals with disabilities, Individuals facing issues of body image, Victims of domestice abuse and/or sexual violence, People living at or near poverty level, Homeless people, People of the Third World, People affected by prostitutions and the sex industry, Health care providers, Children of all of the above

Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in performing!

Whether your story is performed at the event (either by you or someone else) or not, we want to incorporate your story into a visual arts installation that will be on display at Naropa University prior to and during the event.

Please send us your stories ASAP!

Would you like to be involved in other ways?  Please let us know! 

We need folks to help provide child care during the event, provide refreshments, help with publicity, get the word out, assist in fundraising efforts for organizations in need of resources.  Do you have or know someone who has extra basic medical supplies such as dopplers, blood pressure cuffs, childbirth education charts, etc. to donate to International Midwife Asssitance?

There will be a post-performance discussion in which the audience is invited to participate in dialogue about reproductive justice issues.  Are you interested in helping to facilitate that discussion? 

Fertile Grounds seeks to increase awareness around issues of reproductive justice.  Through performance and discussion, we create person-to-person support networks and connect organizations to those in need of resources.  These networks work to demystify and humanize the reproductive experience, cultivating self-determination, education, social equality, and acceptance. 

Really awesome! I wish I could make it out to the event. Check out their myspace page for more info. We need more events and spaces like this! It’s being co-sponsored by some awesome groups including the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, LUZ Think Tank and International Midwife Assistance among others. If someone has the chance to go, I would love to hear about how it went!


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