Pregnant New Mexico Teenager Arrested and Deported

This is ridiculous and just proof that the administration’s haphazard immigration crackdown is ineffective and completely unjust.

U.S. immigration officials deported a pregnant Roswell High School senior after she was pulled from class Wednesday by a local police officer regarding a traffic ticket issued days before.

She was only 18, and who knows what happened to her when she was sent back to Mexico. Frequently these individuals no longer have ties in their country of origin, and this girl’s mother remains in New Mexico. This kind of thing isn’t going to strengthen “security” or immigration enforcement, and it is a blatant violation of human rights. The detention centers that people are sent to while in the process of being deported are often jails that have been “converted” into detention centers.

These kinds of stories just keep coming, along with ones about women who are separated from their infants, many times who suffer from dehydration and complications from the disruption of breastfeeding.

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One thought on “Pregnant New Mexico Teenager Arrested and Deported

  1. kim January 1, 2008 / 12:15 pm

    I live about an hour from where this happened and read the whole story. This girl was a “problem” at the school. She had a total disrespect for this country and the laws. I have a great deal of respect for all people who want to become citizens of this country, but bottom line…she was illegally here and had no expectation of rights here. We shouldn’t treat her any differently just cause she got her self knocked up.

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