Special Edition News Round-Up: Menopause

Ever since I posted about Menopause Awareness Month, I’ve noticed a really interesting trend in my blog stats (for those of you who aren’t techies or bloggers, blog stats are a way for you to see the kind of traffic your blog is getting, like how many people visit your site each day and how they get to you (via google searches or links on other sites)). Lately, a good percentage of my daily traffic comes from people searching for the word menopause on the internet.

Maybe it’s not too surprising, considering the number of women entering into menopause or who are in the midst of it, and the lack of attention it gets in comparison to things like childbirth or contraception. So I’m going to try and write more about menopause on my blog, and I’m starting with this special edition news round-up on menopause. Enjoy! And if there are any readers out there with particular questions or interests around menopause, let me know what you what to see written about in the future!

Hormone replacement therapy may prevent Alzheimer’s disease (although it has also been found to increase breast cancer risk).

The North American Menopause Society receives an award for their website, www.menopause.org.

Some tips for menopause treatment.

At St. Paul hospital’s Menopause Center was cut from the budget.

A new “all-natural dietary supplement” for menopause is announced, made from North Carolina muscadine grapes.

More to come!


One thought on “Special Edition News Round-Up: Menopause

  1. duskydi April 27, 2008 / 1:31 pm


    Thank you so much for this post.I’m been so confused in trying to sort out if I’m going thro some pre- menasposal state.

    See…I feel It’s to early – I’m 43. The hot sweats about 5 times a day now lasting for about fifteen minuites and are beginning to concern me. The persperation actually stings my face and eyes.

    Over these past two year I have been ill with cancer of the cervix and lining of the womb, I have to say though I’ve not actually felt poorly with that, I then got diagonosed COPD, I have a lung disease and these past few years I have been so unwell with that condition.

    I am all, better now with the cancer, they caught it in time ( We think ) and if I learn how to cope a bit better and look after myself a bit better with the lung disease, I can and will livea fairly healthy life. Just have to be careful with my energy levels and breathing.

    What I’m saying here is I’m not sure if the conditions I have been diagonosed with over the past few years have anything to do with the hot sweats. I have a feeling there not.

    Aw! So sorry for rambeling here but your post influenced this story. Hope you don’t mind. Go to the specalist Tuesday – I have some questions to ask, then I will make the appoitment to my GP and ask some questins about the menapouse and the cycles.

    Thnak you so much.

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