Not an uncommon story: Woman gives birth alone with help of 911

This story is one that gets a lot of media attention, such that it seems to happen all the time. There are variations on the theme: woman gives birth in taxi cab, woman gives birth on side of freeway, woman gives birth at home with husband, in the doorway of the hospital ER, etc.

Moral of all these stories? Birth is unpredictable, can happen at anytime and no matter how hard we try, WE CAN’T CONTROL IT.

Second moral of these stories? Sometimes you don’t need a doctor. Or a midwife. Or a doula. All of these stories show women giving birth alone, or only with a 911 operator or a partner coaching her along. And in most cases, she and the baby turn out fine. I want to see them teaching this in OB/GYN programs.

My favorite quote from this story:

Rosales’ husband, Allen, was attending a meeting at Kendall College when his wife went into labor about 7 p.m., three weeks before she was due.She sent her 2-year-old son, A.J., downstairs to get her cell phone so that she could call her nurse-midwife. A.J. first came back with money, so Rosales sent him back to get the phone. A.J. went back downstairs, played with his T-Rex for a bit and then returned with the cell phone after Rosales called for him.

Happy Friday everyone!


One thought on “Not an uncommon story: Woman gives birth alone with help of 911

  1. Country Dawn October 5, 2007 / 5:14 pm

    I had a client who birthed in the car. She was just a few minutes from home, had just called me to meet her at the hospital, but had her hubbie pull over because baby was coming… now.

    Also, another doula friend was called into a neighbor’s home to deliver her baby on the livingroom floor because it came so fast.

    Of course, in both cases, babies were just fine, and so were the mamas. 😉

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