UK group promotes water birth

The UK group, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, released guidelines calling for access to water during labor for low-risk women giving birth at between 37 and 42 weeks.

“There is a perception that water is just nice,” said Dr Julia Sanders, a consultant midwife and member of the group which drew up the guidance. “But it is the most effective form of pain relief barring an epidural in labour. I would like to see more women using water and fewer women using the types of pain relief that are less effective.”

If you have seen any of the many videos about water birth, or experienced first hand the soothing and relaxing capabilities of water during labor you’ll be happy to hear that this group in the UK is promoting it’s use.

We use water to cure all sorts of ailments, warm baths to relax and calm, to sooth cramps or sore muscles. Continuous external fetal monitoring is one of the biggest obstacles to incorporating water into birth practices in hospitals, as well as doctor’s unwillingness to accomodate the mother in a tub or pool.

Anyone have any great stories about using water during labor that they want to share?

Via The Guardian.


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