Support the Breastfeeding Promotion Act

Since I just came back from a two day conference about breastfeeding, this action alert caught my eye. It’s from an organization called MomsRising:

MomsRising has a goal of bringing millions of people, who all share a common concern about the need to build a more family-friendly America, together as a non-partisan force for 2008 and beyond. This grassroots, online effort is mobilizing mothers, and all who have mothers, across America as a cohesive force for change.

You can see more about them at their website, as well as sign up for their e-alerts, which are great.

More about the Breastfeeding Promotion Act:

Dear MomsRising Member,

As the mother of four breast-fed children (including a set of twins), I take it seriously when mothers describe difficulties they encounter trying to breastfeed their babies.

Recently we told you about Sophie Currier, a medical student who needed pumping breaks during her 9-hour board exam. We also told you about Janee McConnell, who was an exceptional employee at a grocery store but could not convince management of the need for a clean, comfortable room in which to pump for her third baby.

Stories like this make me realize that WE must tell our own members of Congress that we want them to pass the Breastfeeding Promotion Act. We need to take a stand on this or else they won’t. A bill goes nowhere without co-sponsors. So we need your help: Ask your Congressperson to co-sponsor the Breastfeeding Promotion Act by clicking below to send a letter right now. In just one click, you can send a letter asking your representatives to co-sponsor The Breastfeeding Promotion Act and also sign a statement of support for the Breastfeeding Promotion Act.



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