Midwifery/Doula News Round-up

This has been a long time coming–the news is piling up!

In an interesting development, Senator Loudon’s legislation to legalize midwives in MO could have also expanded the range of providers who could provide abortions—but the legislators nipped this possibility in the bud.

Oregon birthing center sues hospital for trying to shut them down by prohibiting back-up OB-GYNs.

Maryland judge rules that no mother must be listed on a birth certificate.

Two cesarean deaths spark protests of New Jersey’s high c-section rates.

Apparently May is International Doula Month–from this article and shout-out to doulas in Oregon by doula Vicky York.

60 year old woman gives birth to twins by cesarean section in NJ, breaking a US record.

New birth control pill approved that will allow women to avoid menstruation.

Shark gives birth–asexually?

Popularity of unassisted childbirth grows.

Mother has second baby in car en route to the hospital.

Just a sample–more to come soon.


One thought on “Midwifery/Doula News Round-up

  1. Hilary June 16, 2007 / 6:14 pm

    I am all for supporting the right for homebirth, but I think a skilled professional is important. Those sites and books supporting unassisted birth probably filter out any negative stories. I know a woman in Baltimore who tried an unassisted birth with twins. She is still in intensive care after an abruption, and her children were almost taken away from the family. The twins are under the custody of someone else at this time as she recovers, and it is questionable if she will recover or if she will get them back.

    My very liberal pediatrician has a client who did an unassisted birth, and their child has cerebral palsy due to complications with the delivery.

    The only other couple I know who tried it had to go to the hospital and get a cesarean. Complications are more common than proponents may let on.

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