Check out the comment from radical doula/midwife Rebecca!

Just wanted to point you all to the comment made by fellow radical doula/midwife Rebecca. Click on the Radical doula??? page above, or click here (scroll to bottom).

Thanks Rebecca! It’s great to here from other radical women out there, and I appreciate your comment about how your own birthing experience has changed your ideas about birth and your doula work. I, being childless (with no current plans for motherhood), think about this issue alot and try to approach my ideas about birth with a openness and flexibility that reflects my understanding that my ideas are not the only ideas. I can only work from what my own lived experience has taught me, while appreciating the lived experiences of others, and attempting to facilitate an open dialogue for these issues.

Are you a radical doula or midwife? Post something and let me know you’re out there!


One thought on “Check out the comment from radical doula/midwife Rebecca!

  1. Josephine April 7, 2007 / 12:45 am

    *waves* Radical doula here. I was previously in Wisconsin and now am in the boonies of Minnesota! I just discovered your blog from feministing, but I’ll be sure to check it out with regularity. I am currently childless, bisexual, married, and a steadfast radical 🙂 I hope there’s even more of us out there!!

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