Kick-ass Radical Doulas: The Prison Doula Project

So I am starting a series called “Kick ass radical doulas.” Periodically I will highlight awesome doula programs or doulas that I learn about or meet, particularly ones that focus on providing doula services to communities of women who REALLY need the support. Like my first group, who works with incarcerated women.

So I’m inaugurating this series with a shout-out to the Birth Attendents, an amazing group of super-radical doulas who provide support to incarcerated women giving birth in Western Washington State. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of these awesome doulas, and I think they typify what it means to be a radical doula. The work they do with incarcerated women (who regularly are shackled during labor and delivery) is truly inspiring. I have the particular pleasure to befriend Christy Hall, who is an awesome radical doula, and was actually the person I had some of my original conversations with about radical doulas.  Meet these awesome women here.

Not only do they run this Prison Doula Project, they also have a community education project:

Our community education project links our vital work inside prisons to the greater issues surrounding incarceration and works toward creating pathways of knowledge for western Washington communities about incarceration and its effects.

Rock on. Want to support these awesome doulas and their work? Then give them some money. Or volunteer.

If you have know any doulas or doula programs that you think I should highlight for this series, email me at


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