In the News: Midwife ban leaves family scrambling

Check out this interesting article about midwifery in Missouri. It explains that MO is one of ELEVEN states where midwifery is illegal–and considered equivalent to practicing medicine without a license (a felony). Columbia physician Elizabeth Allemann, states “People have told me it would probably be easier to do a drug deal in Missouri than to find a midwife.” Now THAT makes a lot of sense.

What’s most interesting about this is the logic used by Senator Chuck Graham, an opponent of the legalization of midwives, who has in the past filibustered a law that would allow midwives to practice who had been certified by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). So rather than allow the Congress in his state to even vote on a bill possibly legalizing the practice, he has taken it upon himself to decide that “There are so many things that can go wrong with the birthing process.” Why do politicians like to pretend they are scientists and doctors when it comes to women’s reproductive health?

(I mis-posted this last week, erroneously stating the Senator Louden, who is actually sponsoring the bill, was the Senator in opposition. That is actually Senator Chuck Graham. I apologize for the mistake.)


2 thoughts on “In the News: Midwife ban leaves family scrambling

  1. Nikki March 3, 2007 / 8:29 pm


    Quick clarification. Loudon is the bill sponsor– Graham is the one that is fillibustering and suggests that so many things can go wrong with the birthing process.

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