Announcing the Radical Doula Guide Reprint Fundraiser


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At the end of February, I quietly celebrated my 8th year of blogging here at Radical Doula. It’s amazing to think of all that has changed in that time–both for my life and but also this incredible movement of doulas. Almost nothing is the same as it was, and mostly in great ways.

There is a lot of things I’m proud of from my years of blogging, but the thing that stands out is publishing The Radical Doula Guide. I love being able to contribute a resource to this growing movement, and every day that I put another copy in the mail is a little bit of joy knowing that my thoughts may help someone on their journey to being a better and more informed doula.

The good news is that I’ve sold all of the copies I had printed since my fundraiser three years ago–all 1500! So I’m asking you all, my community, for support in getting another round of books printed.

There are two special things about this fundraiser:

1) You can get a copy of the book at a special discount–only $10 per copy (normally $12). So if you’ve been waiting to buy one, or want to give a copy as a gift, now is your time!

2) I’m working to create a stockpile of books that I can donate to organizations and individuals who can’t afford to purchase them. I dream of setting aside a few boxes of books I can give away to groups providing full-spectrum or volunteer doula services, to doulas of color, to queer doulas, to the people who will make this movement better by joining it. For just $10, you can donate a copy that I’ll give out a future date.

The great news is I’m already almost halfway to my goal, and it’s only been two days!!

I’m blown away by the support of this amazing community.

Head over to the fundraiser, donate if you can, and also spread the word via social media! Almost all of the donors so far have come from the Radical Doula facebook page. Here is some sample language for tweeting or posting to facebook:

More copies of The Radical Doula Guide = more activist doulas for #reprojustice! Support @radicaldoula‘s fundraiser:

Help @radicaldoula make sure everyone who wants a copy of the Radical Doula Guide can get one: #doulas #reprojustice

Make sure doulas understand the political context of pregnancy & birth! Support @radicaldoula‘s fundraiser:

THANK YOU for your support over the years! I’m honored to be part of this community.