Looking for midwives in SE Washington State

A reader sent me this via email:


I’ve been a reader of your blog and feministing for some time now. I always really enjoyed reading about doulas, midwives and reproductive rights, but it was in the abstract for me. I am currently pregnant(!) which changes alot for me.

Suddenly I am alot more passionate about these topics. Right now I am lined up with a doctor to give birth in our local hospital, but the more I read and the more I talk to other women I am convinced I want to give birth at home.

I am wondering if you knew any midwives in the SE corner of WA (I live in Walla Walla), and if not, if you knew the regulations on a homebirth not attended by a midwife. Can I even do that?
Thanks for your time and writing!

If you are (or know of) any midwives in the Southeastern part of Washington state, email me at radicaldoula@gmail.com and I will pass the information along to this reader! Or feel free to post in comments. Thanks!